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KaleSome lovely kale recipe suggestions from our customers…

Susan Fleming: stir fries it and adds lemon juice and lots of black pepper.

Vicky Brown: kale pesto. Quick dip into boiling water, pat dry, take out and tough stalks, whizz up with garlic, walnuts, squeeze of lemon and a little zest, Scottish rapeseed oil, cold pressed of course, and anster very mature cheese.

Enid Jamieson: Kale and carrot soup with crispy kale. Fry onions, add chopped kale and carrot, a touch of garam masala and veg stock. Sprinkly on the crispy kale and serve with chunky bread.

Graeme Braid: Fry in beef dripping with crispy bacon

Jenny Roper: Celeriac gnocchi, sausage and kale medely – no recipe but sounds amazing!

Erin: Crispy kale. Remove hard spine of kale and rip up remaining leaves into small pieces, cover the kale in rapeseed oil. Put on baking tray in very hot over (220C) for 5 mins. Check regularly to make sure it’s not burning. Sprinkle with sea salt.

Debra Harvey: Stir fried & drizzled with soy sauce & chopped chilli. Wilted in butter & drop of water, sprinkled with sea salt.

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