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White Port and Tonic

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The White Port and Tonic “Drink of the Sesson”

White Port and Tonic

We noticed recently that sales of our white port had increased suddenly, and were intrigued, so decided to look into it.

It seems our customers (unlike ourselves!) are well-informed about the latest trends and keen to try what the London Evening Standard called “The drink of the season” in Spring 2017.
The “P&T”, one part White Port with two parts good quality tonic garnished with citrus has been a popular drink in port’s home country of Portugal for many years, being the perfect tipple for enjoying in the sunshine, but it seems UK drinkers are making up for lost time.

It’s a good option for anyone looking for a lighter, less alcoholic mix, with port being typically 20% ABV, rather than the 40% of gin, and is also, of course, cheaper per bottle than gin.

White port is made with green grapes, rather than red, which results in a drier, aromatic drink which is tangy with citrus and white pepper elements.

So, are you a convert? How do you like to drink yours? We’d love to hear your tips.

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