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How to cook the perfect Valentine’s Day Steak

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to cook steak for your loved one. Follow these simple steps to ensure you get a delicious succulent meal.

  • Choose

To get a great steak, buy a great steak. Of course Ardross grass-fed, but which cut?

  • Fillet – a premium cut with very little fat, great for anyone wanting a lean, waste-free steak. Delicious with a rich sauce (see below) Best served Rare – medium-rare.
  • Rib-eye – The chef’s choice. Meat’s flavour is carried by the fat, and rib-eye has a marbling of fat throughout. It will stay moist and flavoursome however it is cooked, though rare – medium is recommended.
  • Sirloin – this is the cut commonly served in restaurants. A good combination of lean meat and a good layer of fat along the back.
  • Rump – great flavour in this cut, but will always have slightly more bite. It needs to be really well hung, and can stand cooking a little longer than the others – serve medium.
  • Temperature

Always bring your steaks to room temperature before cooking. (Although if you Google you will find a few chefs who say it doesn’t matter.) Whether you do or not, ALWAYS pat the surface of your steak dry with paper towel before seasoning. This will ensure a good, flavour full sear on the outside.

  • Season

Put a drop of oil on each side of the steak and rub in with your fingers. Season with freshly ground black pepper and salt.

  • Sear

Heat your dry frying pan over a medium high heat. You want the steak to sizzle as soon as it is placed in the pan. Lay your steak into the pan and leave it to sear. Give it time to develop a brown crust – the sugars will caramelise and something called the “Maillard Reaction” will happen, all of which adds the all-important flavour. Turn it onto the other side and do likewise.

  • Oven/rest

If serving your steak rare or medium-rare, it will simply need to be rested on a warm plate for 5 minutes. For medium or well done, simply place in a warm oven for 5 minutes, and then rest out of the oven for another 5 minutes before serving. This allows the steak to continue to cook through, without the outside becoming leathery.

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