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Posted 24 March 2016

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Derek and Cameron have started to prepare for the vegetable department to start picking up again with the first of the cauliflower and broccoli being sown. Although this is not the best time of year for Scottish vegetables, we are still gathering lots from the field including cabbages, kale, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, turnip and purple sprouting broccoli.

As for the farm, you may have seen Marc out ploughing. Thankfully, as the weather seems to have dried up slightly (I shouldn’t speak so soon!) he has managed to get out in the fields and get the ploughing finished off. He should start sowing beans shortly (weather depending) and then he will move onto the spring barley.

We are also delighted to see the first of our Claydon drilled crops doing well across the farms. Rob did a huge amount of research into the Claydon Drill before purchasing it and we believe it fits perfectly into what we are trying to achieve on our farms. In further newsletters we will explain more about it as the season rolls on. The basic principle behind the drill is doing the minimum amount of cultivation to the ground, thereby allowing the worms and roots to do this work for you. This means that cost of production and environmental impact is reduced because instead of going through each field three or four times you may only pass through them once. The system has many other benefits. However, we’d better not say too much until we see what the yields are like towards the end of the season.

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