Traditional Farming in Scotland

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The real success of our shop is down to the traditionally grown produce harvested every morning from our fields and the control over beef from our own herd. None of our produce is forced or intensively grown. Our herds graze in nutrient rich meadow pastures or are fed crops grown on the farm – food which ruminants are meant to eat.

We put the welfare and happiness of our animals above all else. Our stock are raised traditionally in a stress free environment, handled with care and with the highest levels of husbandry producing meat unrivalled in quality and flavour. The beef is then matured on the bone for three weeks in the traditional manner before butchering and packaging into a range of choice cuts, delicious sausages, mouth watering roasts, tasty mince and outstanding burgers.

‘tender, full of flavour and definitely the best beef I’ve tasted all year’
Stephen Jardine ITV’s Five Thirty Show

Ardross Farm - Picture of some cattleWe now grow over forty varieties of seasonal vegetables which are picked by hand, fresh for the shop every morning. All of our vegetables are grown for taste not for presentation in a supermarket, our produce isn’t forced and only treated if necessary- we believe prevention is better than cure. Our neglected cabbages have become famous locally, so called because by the time they are harvested the wild plants in the field are so much taller than the cabbages that our customers have to brush their seeds off prior to cooking! No weed killer, no pesticides and delicious.

‘I nearly threw myself onto the veg and wallowed in it when I saw
it’s freshness and variety’

Viv Lumsden, Scottish Field Dec 08

We are also very proud to be producing our very own honey on the farm, with the bee’s thriving on the clover and hawthorn producing a wonderfully pale and delicious honey.

…a haven for wildlife

Ardross is traditionally farmed, using crop rotation to nourish the soil and keep pests down. Cattle are kept in fields rich in clover or fed from farm grown feed which is guaranteed GM free.

Hedgerows are left uncut, stubble is left over winter to provide cover for birds and animals and nesting boxes have been put up for owls. We have barn owls, corn buntings, deer and badgers and our lapwing and partridge numbers increase every year due to our stewardship.

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