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  • About Ardross Farm
  • About Ardross Farm
  • About Ardross Farm
  • About Ardross Farm

We have come along way since our shop started in 2005. Faced with rising fuel costs and under huge pressure from supermarkets we made the hard decision to diversify and find a different way to make a living out of agriculture. Having found a local abattoir and butcher to hang our beef we decided to try and sell our meat directly to the public.

About Ardross FarmAll of the family were drafted in to strip wood and paint the walls of a beautiful cart shed we had on the farm and a couple of weeks later we had the start of Ardross Farm Shop. With one chest freezer, a calculator and a lot of enthusiasm we then delivered leaflets to every home in the East Neuk hoping that some people would be interested in what we were doing.

The response was amazing! Local food was just coming into its own at that point and our traditionally reared beef seemed to be just what people were looking for. We also grew a small amount of veg on the farm so we decided to put freshly picked season vegetables in the shop. It wasn’t long before people were asking for more.

Being ignorant of the retail industry has helped us a great deal. Having never dealt with the public before, we relied solely on what we thought of products and on customer’s recommendations. As a result everything in our shop has been tried and tasted by ourselves or our customers creating stock of which we are very proud.

We want to promote British agriculture and so ninety percent of the produce in the shop is produced by farming families diversifying with other products produced by small artisan companies.

The shop, although nothing like it was when we first started is still family run and you will always find one of the family close at hand. However we are very lucky to have fantastic staff who we would never manage without.

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